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Ayya's Inspirational Magnet

Ayya's finished magnet "Accept Yourself"

"I hope that this won't be the last time we make magnets."

To make a magnet, I first cut out quotes and pictures from a magazine. Then I pasted the phrases and photos onto a piece of paper that had 4 square boxes. I pasted the pictures and quotes onto each of the squares. Then I chose one of the squares to create into a magnet. When I chose my favorite one, I pasted that square onto a piece of cardboard that was about the same size. Finally, I attached a magnet strip onto the cardboard to create the magnet.

Making a inspirational magnet turned out to be a success for me. In fact, it turned out just the way I wanted it to. The phrase and the photo were visible and organized. The phrase was set up into a way that doesn’t cover the picture. Also, many people were able to recognize the picture and understand the meaning behind my magnet. Overall, this project was a great success for me.

Throughout this project, there have been many challenges that I have faced. One of these challenges are not being able to find the quote I want in a magazine. Often I cannot identify the exact quote I want in the magazine, so I cut out letters or words from different places in the magazine to create the phrase. If I absolutely cannot find a word or I am unable to piece letters together, I handwrite the word to fit in the magnet. All in all, this was one of the challenges that I have faced during this project.

Making a magnet was a lot of fun. For others, to be inspired by my magnet is such a great feeling to have. Also, for me to be inspired by other people's magnets is such a great moment because it motivates me to always be positive in my life. Working and communicating with others, was a good time to hear others’ opinions and thoughts. Overall, I enjoyed creating an inspirational magnet, and I hope that this won't be the last time we make magnets.

- Ayya O., Grade 7

#inspirational #7thgrade #collage #quotes #magnets

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